3 Ways a Lawyer Can Help With a DUI Charge

After a DUI arrest, it’s crucial for the driver to make sure they get the right help. They face a number of possible penalties, including jail time and fines, even if it’s their first arrest. They’ll also lose their driver’s license automatically for a period of time. The driver will want to contact a lawyer right away to get the following kinds of help with the case.

Assist in Questioning if Needed

It is possible the officers will want to question the driver about what happened, especially if there was an accident that led to the arrest. It’s not a good idea for the driver to answer these questions on their own, as it’s possible for something to be taken out of context and used against them. They should request their lawyer. The lawyer can carefully answer necessary questions to minimize the potential damage to the case.

Minimize Potential Penalties for Driver

The lawyer will work on determining the right defense for their client based on the facts of the case. They will work to see if the charges can be dismissed. If not, they will work hard to minimize the penalties the client may face. For instance, if a conviction is guaranteed, they might request deferred adjudication so the record will be erased as long as the client completes a rehabilitation program.

Help Driver Regain Their Ability to Drive

When a driver is arrested and charged with a DUI, even if they aren’t convicted, they lose their driver’s license. This is automatic, and the amount of time can vary depending on whether the driver has been arrested before. A lawyer can help request a hardship license for their client. This license allows the driver to drive during certain hours or to certain locations so they can easily get to work.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, it’s important to get help as fast as possible. Take some time to check this out to learn more about what to expect after a DUI charge or how a lawyer can help you. Make sure you hire a lawyer as quickly as possible so they can start helping you fight these charges as fast as possible.