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Designs of Silver Earrings that Will Suit You

You look better with accessories on than when you do not have them. You will be able to afford most of the silver jewels, unlike the gold ones. Your ears are safe from infections because silver is resistant to rusting. Disinfecting your earrings before you wear them will mitigate the risk of you contracting ear infections. Here are some of the silver earrings for you.

If you prefer to stay will earrings for days, go for the small-sized round silver hoop clear cubic zirconia earrings because they have tight closure. The earrings are not too tight hence do not be afraid of them. They have a thickness of 2.2mm and height of 14.5mm, are rhodium-plated, and CZ stones are thirty-six on each pair.

The round basket designed clear cubic zirconia studs are suitable for thick detached earlobes that are not easy to open wide because you will not strain to wear or take them off the ears. They are rhodium-plated, and the stone resembles real diamonds.

The most fashionable earrings are the star and moon ones. There are various designs of these earrings because of the unique symbols and words that are engraved on the moon. You will find names of people, countries and love heart shapes on most moons when you go shopping for star and moon earrings. Match the earrings with a moon and star ring.

The star studs are noticeable even though they are small, but their small size makes them perfect for small earlobes. Pair the star studs with other earrings whether they are hanging or studs. You might want to try out something new hence complement the moon and star hanging earrings that are on the ear lobes with star studs on the other piercings on your ears.

Whose birthday is around the corner or are you excited for valentines? Gift her with silver cherry hearts garnet CZ earrings are affordable, and you are guaranteed that she will jump for joy. There are silver cherry hearts garnet CZ rings to complement the earrings. There are also similar rings and earrings whose stones are of other colors apart from red.

Cross designed earrings have a spectacular appearance. There are extra backs in the package to save the day if you lose the backs so that you do not throw them away quickly if backs get lost. They have long back posts for you to adjust the tightness of the closure of the earrings so that you do not feel pinched by the earrings.

You can wear the dragonfly studs, silver hearts studs, treble clef music note studs, Bali dangle, plain leaf, pentagram earrings, and many more designs.

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